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Who We Are

The Global Public Health and Health Systems Improvement through Implementation Science cluster is co-led by associate professors Erica Di Ruggiero and Xiaolin Wei. It engages faculty and students from across the School, the University, U of T-affiliated hospitals and research centres, as well as faculty based abroad (currently including in Kenya, the Philippines and Israel). The cluster is open to any DLSPH faculty members who would like to join.

Current Members:

Sara Allin Katie Dainty Elizabeth Rea
Garry Aslanyan Moriah Ellen Daniel Sellen
Melanie Barwick Beverley Essue Abi Sriharan
Diego Bassani Obidimmi Ezezika Kevin Thorpe
Shafi Bhuiyan Shaza Fadel Ross Upshur
Sue Bondy Lisa Forman Wei Xu
Paula Braitstein Erija Ge Xiaolin Wei
Jeff Brook Ilene Hyman David Zakus
Andrea Cortinois Lincoln Lau
Erica Di Ruggiero Wendy Lou